Say Hello To The Feelings

from by Barclay Burns



There’s a pile of stuff by my bed that you left here
There’s a book, and a shirt, and a record
There’s a piece of my artwork you wanted
On the nightstand’s a half-empty glass

It’s on the side of the bed I don’t sleep on
The shirt doesn’t fit me
Should I throw it away?

There’s a pile of stuff that we don’t agree on
Like the moon, and the stars, and the planets
I don’t care if Venus is rising
I don’t think that food is medicine


I guess I could be wrong
I have been known to be wrong
I can’t believe that you’re gone
I am still here, at a loss

When the buses go by at night
Their lights shine so bright through my window
And for a second, I believe
That the moon is causing my problems


from Get Nothing And Like It, released August 31, 2016



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Barclay Burns Brooklyn, New York

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