Get Nothing And Like It

by Barclay Burns

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Recorded January 2015 at Time To Operate in Greenpoint, Brooklyn by Jon Davies.


released August 31, 2016

Barclay - drums, bass, guitar, vocals



all rights reserved


Barclay Burns Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: ...And That's The Last Thing I Remember
He was never quite completely formed right
Until she took his hand - like a war might
He looked so deeply into her green eyes
The car broke down outside of Van Nuys

They took the exit for the Van Wyck
Their chances burned up like Alan Stanwyk
An errant pair of earrings went on the heir apparent's keyring
And we all remember it being a weekend we remember very well

Every precaution was taken not to die
But the arms of time reached for them like eight octopi
If you asked me what went wrong
I'd admit I have no idea what went wrong
Track Name: Porcelain Berry
Seeing you
For the last time ever
I broke, however briefly,
from the lullaby of focus
To an awakened state
The kind that fades
Like absolutely everything.

I watched a single tree
Sway in the cold wind
Down the street as you retreated
And I thought
I’ll remember this
Like I never do.
Track Name: Say Hello To The Feelings
There’s a pile of stuff by my bed that you left here
There’s a book, and a shirt, and a record
There’s a piece of my artwork you wanted
On the nightstand’s a half-empty glass

It’s on the side of the bed I don’t sleep on
The shirt doesn’t fit me
Should I throw it away?

There’s a pile of stuff that we don’t agree on
Like the moon, and the stars, and the planets
I don’t care if Venus is rising
I don’t think that food is medicine


I guess I could be wrong
I have been known to be wrong
I can’t believe that you’re gone
I am still here, at a loss

When the buses go by at night
Their lights shine so bright through my window
And for a second, I believe
That the moon is causing my problems
Track Name: Solid Wooden Heart
Sometimes my eyes just water
Solid wooden heart
Like when you put the car in neutral
In service of something larger
It’s obscured the more important part
Press the mute button, the sounds cut out

Now everything is getting harder
Getting harder just to start
Solid wooden heart

Sometimes my hands just shake
Frozen-over lake
In the ceiling of clouds
I’m waiting

Perfect ecosystem sealed in
Put it all to sleep for now
Until it thaws out, and I crawl out
Reflect the light away

It gets quiet all at once
Painted-over rust
Heatless, lightless sun
January dusk
I’m waiting…
Track Name: Floating Holiday
The thing about it, when you think about it
No one knows what it’s for
Soldiers in an unpopular war

But if I buy that suit
You can bury me in it
And if I wear that suit (just one day)
You can bury me in it

Track Name: Ever Navy Blue
Ever navy blue
Tossed upon the sea
The ship a ghost
Tending to its wake

Every single day
It calls you

Ever-changing grey
Track Name: We Make The Saints Cry
Nightmare I remember seven years later
All those pioneers died alone and in the woods
Last time I was warm was in the womb
I have a hundred thousand pictures of empty rooms

Take me way the fuck out on the train
Tangentially related, but yet to be explained
Lying in wait like trains in rail yards
File it all away like jail bars
Track Name: It Gets Dark Early
Candle burns down and winks out
The wick soaked in wax
I don’t feel like anything.
A thousand pieces laid out on the table
Gears and springs
I can’t fix anything

Let’s save everything
Dead batteries and whales

I don’t care how it turns out
How this goes, or that
I don’t feel like anything
A thousand scenes have all played out
And I was made to watch
Now I’m not scared of anything
Track Name: Really Let Yourself Go
Wrap myself in warm black clothes
Gotta put food on the table
Gotta keep meat on my bones
I’m not naive enough to wish you were here

Beat me to the punch
Punch me to the beat
Posthumous release
I gave up on love
I gave it a permanent back seat

Beat my body up
Bloody up my face
Now my eyes don’t blink
I stare into space
I’m smiling always and always

Acid looks exchanged on cold streets
Keep it moving along
There’s nothing to see here

I squared everything, my balance is zero

Each mistake just once
Once is all it takes
Watch me be the one
I don’t miss it
It was just taking up space
Track Name: Never Been Young
Well you know me better than anyone
And you know I’ve never been young
Never been young
You’re bringing me down
I’m bringing you down
We’re bringing us down

You can roll your eyes with the best of em
And you know the laughter will come
The laughter will come

We came out of the winter
Out of winter to spring
And everything got sharper
But I stayed dull
And I’ve never been young

Well you know me better than anyone
And you know the laughter will come
The laughter will come

I knew that you would tire of me
But I walked from the highway
Into the trees
And I haven’t been seen since
Track Name: Elevator Eyes
When the wind walls everyone in
And the sun dies
The trees choked out by vines

So what if we know the rules, we don’t understand

This is where we’re at
This is where we’ve been
I don’t have all day
You don’t want to hurt me

You know that I backed down when you backed out
Track Name: Waves Goodbye Waves
I’m gone now, five miles off the lighthouse
Closing my hands on themselves
I withdraw my complaints
Open and shut my eyes
The planet fades off in a curve
All wheels turn.

I sense a reluctance to speak
What are you reading into these days?
If I paved the streets
I’d get to rename them
In a small house by the sea
Where the hands of clocks can’t reach
The lunar beach at night
Ancient engine cough to life

Waves goodbye waves